Free live webinar

Sunday, June 6th - 7pm BST

Technical Breakdown

Learn about the main technical aspects of a well aligned, healthy and efficient handstand. Understand why correct form is important and how you can achieve this form for yourelf.

Limiting Points

To overcome the hurdles of learning how to handstand you first need to know what might be holding you back. Ones identified it is only a matter of time and determination until you will do your first handstand without the wall!

Training Strategies & Methodoligy

Theory is all great but won’t help you much if you don’t know how to put all of this into action and incorporate handstand drills into your weekly routine.
During this part of the free live webinar we will have a look at programming, warm up and cool down protocols and injury prevention drills.

Hey there,

My name is Sascha Bachmann and I have spend my life training, competing, performing and studying gymnastics, hand balancing and bodyweight strength. 

With over 20 years of experience in the field I am more than excited to get the opportunity to pass on everything that I have learned from so many outstanding coaches from around the world to you virtually today.

Welcome to my world. If you ever get lost, have questions or simply want to chat. Reach out!

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