Free week of training

Starting Next Monday

Daily Workouts

From Monday through Friday I will send you a daily email with a short workout to get you upside down and work towards the handstand walks.

Technical Breakdown

This week is going to be more than just the drills and training. I will also include some instructional videos for you to develop a strong fundamental understanding of technique. I don’t want you just to do the drills but to actually understand why you do them.

More than just handstands

Yes, when we walk on our hands we are upside-down and obviously doing handstands. Yet, we will train more things than just handstands. Core conditioning and leg stability play a huge role in all of this. Additionally, I will throw some stretches into the mix to help you recover faster and make the rest of your training easier!

Hey there,

My name is Sascha Bachmann and I have spend my life training, competing, performing and studying gymnastics, hand balancing and bodyweight strength. 

With over 20 years of experience in the field I am more than excited to get the opportunity to pass on everything that I have learned from so many outstanding coaches from around the world to you virtually today.

Welcome to my world. If you ever get lost, have questions or simply want to chat. Reach out!

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