Your free

Handstand push up workout

Your free

Handstand push up workout

Make sure you do a general warm up followed by injury preventing shoulder drills before getting started with this workout.
This is not a complete workout but only the HSPU part of it.
Have fun. Work hard. Become your own legend!

Light Handstand Prep

Handstand Push Up Conditioning

Learn to HSPU while improving strength, physique and balance

The handstand push up is one of my favorite moves for a good reason. It is an incredible tool to build raw power and strength, you can use it for bodyweight bodybuilding purposes to get bigger and it requires a minimum amount of hand balancing technique.

This program is exactly that. Every workout consists of an injury prevention warm up, followed by light technical handstand training and specific strength drills before finishing with some more broad upper body work to build all surrounding muscles for support.

Goals turn into Milestones

Looking at the Handstand Push Up in full might be rather overwhelming at first but if broken down into goals and milestones every training turns into a small success story and you stay motivated for the long run.
Through years of research, trial and error I have been able to collect and hand select the best progressions there are for you to minimize the chances for plateaus and frustration.

Injury Prevention Protocols

If you work hard you have to recover harder. In order to assure that you can continue to train without having to take extra days off and without getting more sore than needed every workout starts with injury prevention routines as warm up.

Combinable with other routines

Handstand Push Up work does not have to take up hours every single day of your life. A couple well chosen exercises 2-3 times a week can already do the trick making this program perfect to do at the end of your regular handstand training or yoga session.
At the same time you can fully indulge and do additional isolation work turning this program in a complete upper body push program.

Lifetime Access

With lifetime access you will be able to revisit the routines and protocoles when ever you please. Like this you get the chance to keep improving, keep learning and keep pushing far beyond the first couple weeks and month.

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