Free trial workout

Control Freak

Free trial workout

Control Freak

Warm up

Jumping Jacks
45sec | 1 set
Mountain Climbers
45sec | 1 set
Dead Bug Circles
10x each direction | 1 set
Half Middle Split
8x each side | 1 set
Walking Pike
20 steps | 1 set
Core Engagements on Back
4x3sec | 2 set

Shoulder Prehab

Forehead to W
5x | 2 sets
Back Extensions
4x | 2 sets

Shoulder Openers

Shoulder Warm Up with Elastic
8x | 1 set
Shoulder Opener at Wall
30sec | 1 set
Shoulder Opener on Floor
30sec | 1 set
Shoulder Lifts on Floor
8x | 2 sets

Wrist Prep

Open Close Hands
10x | 1 set
Harp Wrist Warm Up
10x | 1 set
Prayer Pose Wrist Stretch
8x | 1 set
Prayer Pose Wrist Stretch Rotations
6x | 1 set

Handstand Training

Wall Walks
2x | 2 sets
45 Handstand Single Leg Isolation
3x each leg | 1 set
45 Handstand Leg Isolations
2x each leg | 1 set
Box Tuck Single Leg Isolation
2x each leg | 1 set
Box Tuck Hover
1x each leg | 1 set
Slide Away
2x | 2 sets
Wall Tuck Jump to Handstand
3x | 2 sets


5x | 2 sets
Forearm Plank Slide with Roll
4x | 2 sets
Block Assisted L Sit Leg Lifts
8x + 5sec hold | 2 sets
Kneeling Shoulder Shrugs with Elastic
12x | 1 set

Post Workout Stretches

Static Biceps Shoulder Stretch
30sec each side | 1 set
Biceps Shoulder Stretch with Vertical Movements
8x each arm | 1 set
Active Sphinx
8x | 1 set
Half Split
30sec each side | 1 set
Half Split Side Bends
30sec each side | 1 set
Reverse Wrist Stretch
20sec each hand | 2 sets

Daily customized workouts

For the next 2 weeks you will receive daily workouts to improve your handstand balance and awareness, hardcore line improvement, gain specific strength and improve your mobility to make your handstands even easier.
All workouts will be customized towards your specific strength, flexibility and handstand level based on a general assessment done at the beginning of week 1.

2 live Webinars

Just doing the drills simply won’t cover it which is why I will hold 2 live webinars on each Monday to highlight all technical details, precise and in depth explanation of exercises, alignment and form and to take time to answer questions that might come up during training.
To assure that everybody can attend no matter your location, work schedule and time zone the zoom classes will happen multiple times and stay online after. Click here for the precise zoom schedule.

Private Whatsapp Group

To make sure no one gets lost throughout the training there will be a private whatsapp group chat where you can ask all questions or simply gossip about handstand training. This group is also a great spot to post videos of your daily training to receive feedback from me on your form and execution.

Limited Participants

To keep this experience special and to assure that everybody gets the attention they deserve, each coaching group is limited to 30 participants.

Precise Technical Breakdown

Training Handstands is so much more than just doing the drills. With the help of daily instructional videos at the top of the workouts I will highlight technical details for you to make sure no questions stays unanswered.

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Quick, dynamic & fast. Get your heart rate going and do not stump into the floor! Fly like a butterfly!

Knee as close as possible to the chest. Other knee is locked. Hips stay low. Back is straight. Core is engaged!

Pull your knees as close as possible towards the floor. Use your glute muscles to actively help the movement. Lower back stays on the floor at all times

Both knees, standing foot and pubic bone in line. Move side ways only.

Back is straight or even sligthly arched. Anterior pelvic tilt. Pull your belly button towards your locked knees.

With your knees and elbows locked and your head slightly tilted back to look at your hands push your feet and hands as far away from your center as possible. Elevate your scapula to cover your ears and lift your hands and feet sligthly off the floor. Make sure your lower back is pushing against the floor

Rotate your thumbs up during the W part. Make sure that your elbows are 90 degrees bent and in line with the shoulders. Do not lift the entire upper body. Only lift the elbows and hands.

Start by internally rotating your arms so the back rounds and the pinky fingers touch the floor. Then externally rotate the arm, squeeze your shoulder blades together in the back, look up towards the ceiling and engage the whole back lifting the upper body of the floor. Open your legs slightly for this exercise.

Do not rotate shoulders. Wrists stay in same position towards each other. Isolate shoulders in first one. Add chest for second movement. Never open your mid or lower back

Before pushing the hips towards the wall slide down as much as possible until throat faces the wall. Then push hips towards the wall.

Look at hands. Bring chest to floor. Isolate the stretch into the shoulders and keep hips over knees!

Look at your hands. Do not arch your back. First reach away from your to elevate your scapula. Only after lift the hands off the floor.

Make fists with your hands for warm up. Open your hands fully stretching the wide between each rep.

From an open hands close one finger after the other until your hands are closed to a fist. Then open them back up in the same fashion. The bigger the finger mocement the better.

Place the palms of your hands against each other in front of your chest. Spread your fingers wide and push them down in front of your chest increasing pressure in each rep.

Rotate your wide spread hands infront of your chest towards the front and back.

Scapular elevated at all times. Look at hands at all times. Walk as close as possible to the wall. Do not allow your stomach to touch the wall. Feet only!

Isolate the movement into 1 leg at the time. Align the working leg with the already perfectly aligned hands, shoulders & hips. Elevate your scapula fully at all times. Do not round your back or slip into a posterior pelvic tilt when you bring the leg back to the wall.

Focus on isolation! Move 1 leg at the time only. Do not jump away from the wall. Do not bring the foot further away from the wall than the hands as a counterweight! Keep your shoulders over your hands at all times and do not arch your back!

"In the box tuck position extend one leg out towards the ceiling. Make sure the leg stays in 1 straight line right above the hands, shoulders and hips. Keep your immobile leg fully bent!
Make sure your box is high enough so your lower back does not round in the tuck position. Better use a box too high than too low!

Make sure your box is high enough so your lower back is straight and the hips are in a neutral position. Do not use the top leg as a counter balance. Instead keep it right above the hands, shoulders and hips. Here elvate your scapula and bring the weight into the fingertips. Now carefully lift the second knee and levitate it on top of the box.

Start with your body in a perfectly straight line. Feet are the only thing touching the wall. Look at your hands and push out tall. Elbows locked. Move your shoulders to the front and slide the feet down the wall. When you are about to fall over take off from the wall and align yourself in a straight, freestanding handstand. Come abck to the wall as one straight unit. Do not close your shoulders on the way back. Do not pull your hips during the slide away. Do not arch your back. The only position change should be in the shoulders!

Keep your shoulders over your hands at all times. The goal is to touch the wall only after the knees lock out! Look at your hands at all times and come as close to the wall as possible.

Start in a push up position with your hands under your shoulders, elbows locked and core engaged. Lean your shoulders to the front. When they can not travel any further start pulling your hips up and eventually bring your shoulders back. Ideally your hands, shoulders and hips are in 1 straight line at the end!

Keep your core engaged and parallel to the floor. Do not allow your shoulder blades to stick out behind your back.

Depress your scapula and elevate your hips off the floor. Lift the foot as high as possible off the floor without rounding your back. Keep your knees fully locked

Look at hands. Elbows locked. Hands shoulder width apart. Extra slow on way down

Keep your elbow locked and the entire palm of the hand connected with the wall. Your fingers are pointing towards your back. Isolate the stretch to feel it in your biceps and clavicle area.

Stretch a greater area with gentle up and down movements. Find the right position that stretches you and feels good.

Push arms into floor. Lower stomach stays on floor. Use back muscles ro raise and pull head back. Shoulders down!

Hips & shoulders parallel to the floor. Posterior pelvic tilt. Use wall/chair for balance if necessary

Hips and shoulders stay parallel. Posterior pelvic tilt. Reach up tall towards the ceiling and keep this length while bending towards the side!

Gently stretche the wrist back into the opposite direction that you just worked on.

Zoom class 1 - Precise Technique and alignment
Monday Nov 29th - 8am & 9pm London Time

Zoom Class 2 - Handstand Training - Consistency for constant progress and lasting health
Monday Dec 6th - 8am & 9pm London Time

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