Thank you so much for coming out to Casa Om. 
Thank you for working hard for being such a dream of a group!


As a thank you and to help you continue to improve based on what you learned at Casa Om I would like to offer you the following:

  • You chose 1 Goal (for example OAHS, Press to Handstand, Middle Split, etc..)
  • You submit videos of 4 exercises.
  • Based on those I will write you a personalized training plan
  • You train.
  • After about a week you upload videos of 4 possibly different exercises for me to check that you are doing things the right way and to write you a detailed form check.
  • Cost: 150 USD

Besides that I of course also offer my regular 1on1 online coaching on zoom or custom program based.

In the meantime!
As promised below some of the key exercises we looked at last week!

Beginner Handstand Workout Advanced Handstand Workout Flexibility Workout


Pics by Zack
+1 213 425 7858 (WhatsApp)

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