Stalder Tool Kit

Stalder Tool Kit

The stalder is a big and ambitious goals. High levels of strength, flexibility and technique need to be combined in order for this drill to come together. Whilst the stalder press to handstand might feel absolutely impossible when first trying the correct mental approach paired with the right drills will help you get to this next level goal one step at the time.

5 Workouts Theory Lessons

30-90min workoutsAdvanced


What you will get

Stalder Presses to Handstand are hard and only the best conditioning drills will get you there. Be warned! It’s about to get intense!.

The more flexible that you will be the easier your Stalder Press to Handstand gets. With specific drills we will target all the right spots to give you every possible advantage.

In depth instructions to every single drill will assure that you have everything you need to perfectly combine raw strength with flexibility.

In the exclusive knowledge base you will learn everything there is to know about technique, the do’s and don’ts.

Health is the foundation of all movement, training and life. Prehab work is key for anybody trying to see serious growth.

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