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Learn to one arm handstand. With the help of this program finally anybody with enough will and patience can. Growing up there was close to no information on how to do a one arm handstand properly and it was believed that standing on one hand was reserved for a few chosen east European or Chinese gymnasts. I’ve devoted my life to perfecting the one arm handstand and this program bundles all this gathered information for you. Daily workouts and theory lessons will teach you step by step everything you need to know whilst challenging you step by step with new progressions all the way to the one arm handstand.

The program consists of 54 workouts which can easily last you well over 6 months. Each workout consists of a warm up, injury prevention drills, stretches, technical training and specific conditioning.

12 weeks 3 stages

90min workoutsAdvanced


What you will get

From warm up, through prehab, technical training and conditioning. Everything is customized towards your current level and needs.

In depth instructions to every single drill will assure that you have everything you need to perfect your execution.

Improve your specific flexibility in order to take you to your handstand goals on the fast lane.

In order to stay healthy and well balanced you also have to work your pulling muscles with or without equipment.

In the exclusive knowledgebase you will lean everything there is to know about technique, the do’s and do not’s.

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