Intro to Back Bending

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Intro to Back Bending

Forget everything you thought you knew about back stretching and restart your journey with me from scratch. Only difference: this time we will do it the right way. Each follow along class starts with a furrow warm up focusing on getting the body ready for stretches and protecting it from injuries. Followed by work on every single part of your back chain separately analyzing possible weak spots, limiting points and personal strength. After putting everything back together towards the end of class working on deeper and more complex bends we will finish strong with specific conditioning exercises and vital injury preventing closing, cool down and prehab work to assure your back stays strong and healthy for good.

4 Follow Along Classes

45min workoutsBeginner-Intermediate


What you will get

Together we will work through a complete warm up, injury prevention drills, workout, conditioning and cool down routine.

Health is the foundation of all movement, training and life. Prehab work is key for anybody trying to see serious growth.

Progressions for all levels. Start slow and work your way up.

From top to bottom we focus on opening each part up separately before putting everything back together at the end.

Finish the workout strong with closing protocols to prepare you for the day ahead and keep you healthy in the long run.

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