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Let's get started!

My man!

Tuck to Straight. WOW! That first slide away! WOWOW! The rest so so. Stay focused on the basics. they matter the most. If you are able to hit a straight line in any of the drills you can do it in all! Keep it up!

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To Film this Week:

  • L Handstand Single Leg Isolation
  • 45 Handstand Leg Isolation
  • Slide Away
  • Slide Away to Straddle
  • Tuck Slide
  • Box Tuck Leg isolation – Please get a high enough surface!
  • Tuck to Straight
    L Swing Ups


  • Shoulder Opener on Knees at Wall
  • Cobra Reps
  • Klaritas Morning Stretch
  • Cobra with Bent Knees
  • Knee Bridge Wall Walks
  • Wide Half Split Arched
  • Foam Roller Sphinx

How does it work?

It is time to get working. Train handstands as up to 5 times a week. 
Start with training your back no more than 3 times a week. Please promise me to always do your back training from warm up until cooldown in one go without breaks. Do not skip any of the exercises and make sure you are extremely warm. It is essential!

Please film and upload your videos as discussed on Thursday so I can do your feedback on Friday. 

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Start Date: Jan 25, 2020


✓ Month 1: 450 € done

 Month 2: 450 € due Feb 22nd

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