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Happy training 🙂

To Film

  • Handstands
  • Straight leg isolations
  • Miami outside hold
  • Vertical wall walks
  • Small side bends wall
  • Hspu back to the wall
  • Lean push up rocking
  • Archer Back Row
  • Straps
  • Flag from top to top
  • Flag from top to pike
  • Uprolls
  • Box planch
  • Flexibility
  • Alternating Plie
  • Middle Split Hip Opener
  • Middle Split Slides
  • Middle Split with both knees bent
  • Downward Dog
  • V Up Combi
  • Knee Bridge Wall Walks

How does it work?

As with most skills, handstands, straps & flexibility require consistency!

  • Do the full handstand & flexibility program 5x per week
  • Do half of the Straps Program each training day!
  • For questions, feedback and anything else, write me on IG 🙂

Weekly process:

  • Each Saturday upload your weekly videos into your drive folder, using either the link at the bottom of the page or the following link: click me
  • Each Sunday/Monday you’ll receive Feedback & Program updates. 

Your Info

3 Month online coaching

Start Date: July 20th 2020


✓ Week 0: done
✓ Month 1: 550usd done
✓ Month 2: 550usd done
✓  Month 3: 550usd done

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Upload your Weekly Videos

At the moment we are using Google Drive to handle uploads. Use the following link to be taken to your folder & upload your assessment videos. In the next days you will receive full access to your drive! 

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