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Hey there πŸ™‚

welcome on board babes!!! Stoked to have you join the team πŸ˜€Β 
This here is your new shiny dashboard which will include everything you need to get your training done.Β 
For now I need you to do a few things – this is mainly to get you familiar with this dashboard but also to receive a few assessment videos from you for Sascha. Sound good?

Let’s gooo!

What to do now?

  • Check out each section and get familiar with what is what (ask if anything is confusing)
  • Check out your “Assessment Training”
    • Either by scrolling down to the “Quick Access” section, or by clicking the link in the menu (hamburger style nav on top on mobile or side navigation on desktop)
  • On that Asessment Training Page you will have the option to access demo videos of each exercise by clicking the “+” symbol right next to the name. Please film each and every exercise you see there. For an overview of what to film you can also reference the “what to film” section on this page.
    • This “what to film” section is also where you will find your weekly “to film list”
  • Upload all videos using the drive link listed on the bottom of the page or in your quick access section
  • Let me know once you are done!



This is where you will find your weekly feedback πŸ™‚

To Film

  • handstand:
    • press to handstand (or hardest progression)
    • deep side bends
    • Lateral walks (free standing or on wall)
    • Miami Transfers
  • (if you want to stretch back)
    • Cobra
    • Bridge from floor
    • Half splits
    • Splits on floor
    • Middle Split on floor
    • Wide Pancake
  • straps:
    • Skin the cat
    • anything else you’ve been working on

Quick Access

β†’ Assessment Training
β†’ Handstand Training /coming soon
β†’ Flexibility Training /coming soon
β†’ Straps Training /coming soon
β†’ Training Programs (PDF)
β†’ Upload Videos


How does it work?

As with most skills, handstands & flexibility require consistency!

  • Do the handstand & flexibility program X- a week (tba)
  • For questions, feedback and anything else, write me on IG πŸ™‚

Weekly process:

  • Each Wednesday upload your weekly videos into your drive folder, using either the uploader below or the following link: click me
  • Each Thursday/Thursday you’ll receive Feedback & Program updates.Β 

Your Info

You are currently in Week 0

Start Date: tba


βœ“ Week 0: done
βœ“ Month 1: 500usd due
βœ“Month 2: 500usd due
βœ“ Month 3: 500usd due

Paypal Link
Use the upload option below
Upload your Weekly Videos

At the moment we are using Google Drive to handle uploads. Use the following link to be taken to your folder & upload your assessment videos. In the next days you will receive full access to your drive!Β 

Click me

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