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Great job. Some handstands are looking significantly better. Please pay a bit more attention to the details especially in flex.

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Please upload your videos every Friday so I can do your feedbacks on Saturdays. If this is super inconvenient for you let me know and we can arrange a different day 🙂

Reach out via WhatsApp with any questions. 
My cell is +1 213 425 7858

To Film

Straddle Slide Away Side Bends
Single Leg Circles
Straight Double Leg Isolations
Vertical Wall Walks
Dead L HSPU with Elevated Hands
Bent Knee Stalder Lift Offs
Tuck Planche Negatives to Bent Knee L Sit
Press Tap Press from 2 Block

Half Split Reps
Front Split Back Knee Bent in Corner
Front Split Push Ups on Floor
Knee Bridge Wall Walk Hold
Bridge from Floor
Standing Wall Taps
Middle Split – Elevated Foot
Kneeling Tilt Lift
Straight to Middle Split

How does it work?

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Please make sure to shoot me a message when the videos are all ready either through instagram or better via WhatsApp!
+1 213 425 7858

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Start Date: March 11 2022


✓ Month 1-3: 1020Euro – done 

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