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In this cycle you have 2 workouts. 
Do each twice for a total of 4 workouts. You will stretch and train handstands in every single workout plus conditioning after in a push and pull split. This cycle is to get used to being good at flex and handstands whilst focusing on building raw strenght.

Let me know if the workouts get too long

To Film

Walking Pike Progression
Deep Plie Chest to Wall

Box Tuck Single Leg Isolation
45 Handstand Lateral Leg Isolation
Wall Take Off to Straddle

HSPU Back to Wall
Ring Chest Flies on Knees with Straight Elbows

Runners Stretch Reps
Middle Split on Back against Wall with Elastic

Slide Away
Advanced Single Leg Isolation Back to Wall
L Handstand Leg Isolations
Slide Away to Straddle

Almost Skin The Cat
Band Assisted Front Lever Reps on Bar – Straddle


Push Day

Pull Day

How does it work?

Train handstands 2 times per week.
Train Calisthenics 2 times per week.

Please upload your videos every Tuesday starting August 15th so I can do your feedback on Wednesdays. If this is super inconvenient for you let me know and we can arrange a different day

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