Happy Bending!

Training Program

Here is your full workout as an overview. This overview includes name, reps, short cue¬† and if you expand (“+”) you’ll also see a quick demo of the movement. To access the full tutorial just click on the exercise name & a screen will pop up on top with long description & how-to. Enjoy!


DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Forehead to W8xRotate your thumbs up during the W part. Make sure that your elbows are 90 degrees bent and in line with the shoulders. Do not lift the entire upper body. Only lift the elbows and hands.
Straight to W8xFirst reach out towards the front to elevate the scapula then lift the hands up towards the ceiling. On the way back stop with your elbows in line with the shoulders. Lift your elbows and hands up towards the ceiling here as well. Keep your chest on the floor at all times.
Back Extensions8xStart by internally rotating your arms so the back rounds and the pinky fingers touch the floor. Then externally rotate the arm, squeeze your shoulder blades together in the back, look up towards the ceiling and engage the whole back lifting the upper body of the floor. Open your legs sligthly for this exercise.
Arm Circles10x each directionIsolate the movement into the arms only. The rest of the body stays tight and immobile. Quick, small and dynamic circles to wake the shoulders up and get them ready.
Elbow Lifts8xKeep your forehead on the floor and interlock your fingers behind your head.
Tuck on Back2x4Push out tall, keep your lower back on the floor at all times! Look at your hands. Keep your knees together and the feet on the same distance to the floor throughout the whole movement!
Wrist Warm UpAs neededStretch your wrists on the floor in all possible directions.

Handstand Foundations

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Wall Walks1x3
Slide away1x3
Tuck to Straight & Tuck to Straddle1x2 each
Leg Circles1x2 eaach direction
Straight Leg Isolations2 each side
Tuck Leg Isolation2x2 each side

One Arm Handstand Training

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
2on2 Slide Away2x2
2on2 Straight Sraddle Straight2x2
Miami Slide Away2x2
Miami Straight Straddle Straight2x2
Standing Side Bends1x4 each side
Kneeling Elevated Side Bends1x4 each side
Deep Side Bends Wall3x2 each side
Vertical Wall Walks2x1 each sideLegs together! Down up starting on left PLUS down up starting on righ = 1 set

You made it!

You’ve reached the end of this workout. Great job for showing up and getting closer to reaching your goals. Now go rest, relax and enjoy your time off.

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