Happy Bending!

Training Program

Here is your full workout as an overview. This overview includes name, reps, short cue¬† and if you expand (“+”) you’ll also see a quick demo of the movement. To access the full tutorial just click on the exercise name & a screen will pop up on top with long description & how-to. Enjoy!


8-12 min of low impact cardiovascular activity such as light jogging, rope skipping etc. Not necessary if you are warm after training

Middle splits

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Standing Hip Circles10x each leg & each directionKeep hips square
Deep Plie10Push knees out as much as possible
Half Split Middle Split10x each sideBent knee on floor and standing foor on 1 line
Hip Opener10x each sidePush glutes and hips equally to floor
Middle Split Slides10x each sideKnee fully locked and engaged!
Middle Split with both Knees Bent40 sec
Middle Split with 1 Knee Bent40sec eachsideUpper body straight and parallel to floor
Middle Split1 minBoth knees engaged to protect from injuries!
Middle Split Pulses on Back20xBoth feet and hips in 1 line!
Straight to Middle Split10xLower back stays on floor at all times. Externally rotate legs as soon as they open!
Middle Split with 1 Knee Bent - Straight Upper Body40sec
Widest Pancake1min
Alternating Frog Knee Raises10 each side

Back Stretching

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Hamstring Bridges10x
Bent Knee Windshield Wipers10x
Straight To W10x
Cat n Cow10x
Cobra with Straight Knees20sechold
Cobra with Knees Bent against Wall30sec hold
Knee Bridge Wall Taps10x
Knee Bridge Wall Walks8x
Bridge from Floor8x
Upper and Lower Body Lifts on Stomach10x
Rounded Rehab Crunches10x
Bridge Wall Walk6I am aware that the video is of the Knee Bridge. I am sorry. Please do it standing. I will update the video asap!
Kneeling Shoulder Stretch30sec

You made it!

You’ve reached the end of this workout. Great job for showing up and getting closer to reaching your goals. Now go rest, relax and enjoy your time off.

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