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one arm handstand

Let's get started!

Hey Sarah, 

Please find you Feedback here:

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To Film

Straight Leg Isolation
2on2 Freestanding
Miami Slide Away
Deep Side Bends Wall
Vertical Wall Walks

Tap Press Tap
Chest to Wall Leg Lifts
Slow lower through Tuck Planche
Front Lever Pulls


Half Split Middle Split
Middle Split Slides
Middle Split Pulses on Back
Knee Bridge Wall Taps
Bridge from Floor

How does it work?

Do the Handstand Training every day
Rotate the Press/Planche and the Lever Conditioning so you do each twice a week
Rotate the Middle Split/Back Flexibility so you do each twice a week

On days when you also train legs try doing the Handstand training and conditioning before your leg training and the flexibility training after!

Please Film and Upload your weekly Videos on Thursday  for me to review on Friday.


Your Info

You are currently doing a 12 weeks online 1 on 1 coaching

Start Date: Around August 27


 Month 1-3: 1500usd done August 24

Use the upload option below
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