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Here is your full workout as an overview. This overview includes name, reps, short cue  and if you expand (“+”) you’ll also see a quick demo of the movement. To access the full tutorial just click on the exercise name & a screen will pop up on top with long description & how-to. Enjoy! Also if you’d rather go through your program offline, download the pdf version, you can find it here.  Looking for your Dashboard? Find it here.


DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Relevé2 sets of 15 each side 1 minute rest between sets. Try and really roll through the foot.
Relevés en pointe 2 sets of 15 each side. 1 minute rest between sets. Roll up evenly through the foot - don't just push through the outside or the inside.
Pliés relevés in second position 2 sets of 15 30 seconds rest between sets. First lift to relevé; then bend the legs; then straighten again before putting the heels back on the floor.

Feet Stretches

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Squats en pointe 3 sets of 10 Be careful with this one! Start just standing in the position, holding onto something, and progress up to squats. 1 minute rest between sets.
Squats en demi pointe 3 sets of 101 minute rest between sets.
Sitting pointe stretch 4 sets of 40 seconds Again, take it easy with this one! Hold your weight in your hands and slowly transfer weight to feet. 2 minutes rest between sets.
Sitting Demi Pointe Stretch4 sets of 40 seconds2 minute rest between sets.
Sprinter Start Position Stretch3 sets of 30 seconds 2 minute rest between sets. Hold most of the weight in your hands!
Air Stretch3 sets of 30 seconds30 second rest between sets. Hand holds onto toes from inside of leg.

Feet Strengthening

Always do this after doing the feet stretching program! 

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Towel Curls7 sets of 7 each side 30 second rest between sets.
Pointe Strengthening5 sets of 10 30 second rest between sets.
Outwards strengthening5 sets of 1030 second rest between sets. Keep legs from rolling out throughout the exercise.
Inwards Strengthening5 sets of 10 30 second rest between sets


DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Standing Pancake Warm Up3 sets of 10 Stand with feet a little wider than hip width. Relax the neck at the bottom of the stretch.
Weighted Pike Stretch on Bench 3 sets of 20 seconds Maintain a very straight back position!
Sitting One Legged Pike Stretch 3 sets of 10 on each legKeep back super straight!
Sitting Knee Stretch 3 sets of 10 each sideBe VERY gentle with this one.
Sitting Middle Split with Elastic3 sets of 30 seconds regular + 30 seconds leaning to each sidePass elastic around the lower back and hook over each foot. This exercise will help a lot with those deep side bends!
Sitting Active Knee Extension on Blocks3 sets of 10, hold the last one for 10 secondsThis will be really difficult!

You made it!

You’ve reached the end of this workout. Go use your legs and get food, a drink or whatever else gives you joy! 

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