Road to planch, back bending and one arm


Let's get started!

My man,

nice. I added a bunch of new one arm drills. Focus on scap elevation. Things are starting to look better and better. Well done!

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To Film this Week:


Deep Side Bends Freestanding
Miami Side Bends
Miami Floor Combi
Lateral Block Walks
Stretched out fingertip hold
Step Up & Step Down
Miami Outside Hold on 2 Blocks – Straddle Straight Straddle

CALISTHENICS – Please track 1 or 2 workouts on the provided sheet

Chest to Wal Leg Lifts
Tuck Planch Changes
HS to Tuck Planch Reps
HSPU – One Leg Bent – Elevated Hands
Bent Knee Stalder Lift Offs


Runners Stretch
Half Middle Split
Middle Split on Floor
Cobra with bent knees
Knee Bridge Wall Walks
Bridge From Floor
Bridge Upper Back Activation

How does it work?

Train Handstands  5-6 times a week!
Train Planch 2-3 times a week!
Keep doing your pulling workout as many times as you do the planch workout.

You can stretch your Hamstrings and Middle Splits up to 6 times a week.
You can stretch your back up to 3 times a week. Please do not ever separate back warm up, training and cool down.

Please film and upload your videos every second Saturday starting Feb 20 so I can do your feedbacks on Sunday

My number is +1 213 425 7858

Your Info

You are currently starting a 3 month 1-on-1 online coaching
with bi-weekly feedback

Start Date: Feb 8


Month 1: 285€ – due at start of training

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