Road to the One Arm


Let's get started!

I had a bit of a heart attack with your feet. Especially in exercises where things get more difficult you have to point your feet! If they are not tight I know for a fact that your legs are not tight either and everything wobbles. Handstands are hard. It is normal that at first you might be holding your breath pushing the water out of your legs! 
In general everything is looking much better. We just need more strength. You need to push a bit harder. More clean reps per set! More commitment. You got this!

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To Film this Week:

  • Twisted Split Helicopter
  • Deep side bends top leg bent
  • Deep Side Bends Bottom Leg Bent
  • Miamis outside transfers
  • Miami Floor Combi part II
  • Vertical wall walks challenge
  • Chest to wall press

How does it work?

As always with handstands – consistency is key!

  • Do this handstand programup to 6x/week
  • Alternate strength & conditioning – Press 2 HS one day, Handstand Push up another day
  • For questions, feedback and anything else, write me on IG 🙂

Weekly process:

  • Each Thursday/Friday you’ll receive a list of Exercises to film
  • Film & Upload until each following Wednesday to this folder
  • Receive feedback on videos the following Thursday/Friday
  • Receive program changes until the following Thursday/Friday

Your Info


Start Date: Thursday, October 31st
End Date: October, 30th



✓ Month 1-6: $2400 – done
✓ Month 6-12: $2400 – done


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