Happy Handstanding!

Training Program

Here is your full workout as an overview. This overview includes name, reps, short cue  and if you expand (“+”) you’ll also see a quick demo of the movement. To access the full tutorial just click on the exercise name & a screen will pop up on top with long description & how-to. Enjoy! Also if you’d rather go through your program offline, download the pdf version here.  Looking for your Dashboard? Find it here.


DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Germinator ABS Routine3 rounds | See dropdown for description & videos.This is a Level 3 routine.
Do 20 sec of each exercise, back to back Germinator Heat-Up Routine3 Rounds // 20 sec of each exercise back to back | See dropdown for videos & description.This is a Level 2 Routine.
Floor Abs 12-3 rounds / 20sec per exercise | See dropdown for videos & description. This is a Level 1 routine.
Floor Abs 22-3 rounds / 20sec per exercise | See dropdown for videos & description. This is a Level 2 routine.
Ball Abs 12-3 rounds / 20sec per exercise | See dropdown for videos & description. This is a Level 1 routine.
Ball Abs 22-3 rounds / 20sec per exercise | See dropdown for videos & description.This is a Level 2 routine.

Below is your handstand specific warm-up

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
W-Raises 8 repsGo slow and focus pulling shoulder blades together
W to Y-Raises 8 repsActively keep lifting arms up on Y-Raises
Back Extensions 8 repsInitiate lift by externally rotating your arms until thumb is facing the ceiling
Arm Circles 8 per directionExtend arms to the side and create small circular movements
Elbow Raises 8 repsLift elbows as high as you can
Wrist Warm-UpFew reps eachChoose 2-3 Exercises, or feel free to add your own. Go through these until your wrists feel ready.
Semi Superman1x5 each side
Upper Body Lifts On Side1x10 each side
Lower Body Lifts On Side1x10 each side
Upper & Lower Body Lifts On Side1x10 each side
Keeling Shoulder Shrugs with elastic1x8Elbows locked. Look at hands at all times. Go slow and push as high as possible!


Learning handstands takes time. The current goal towards one arm handstands will focus a lot on establishing good and solid technique, learn how to push out of your shoulders properly and isolate leg movement.

Handstand Warm-Up

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Wall Walks1sets á 3repsScapular elevated at all times. Look at hands at all times. Walk as close as possible to the wall. Do not allow your stomach to touch the wall. Feet only!
Tuck Slides1 set of 4Knees touch the wall. Knees stay together. Hands shoulder width apart! Look at your hands at all times. Do not round your lower back. Do not close shoulders.
L Handstand bring Both Legs Back to the Wall at the Same Time2x1 each sideKeep your shoulders open and your back fully straight! Slow the movement down or even control it until the moment that the feet touch the wall. You can start with your hands closer ot the wall so the way is not as long! Keep your weight in the finger tips and push out tall!
Slide Away1set á 3repsDo not pike your hips. Movement is only happening in your shoulder

Handstand Training

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Tuck to Straight to Tuck 2sets á 2repsMaintain shoulder elevation at all times
Tuck to Straddle to Tuck 2sets á 2repsMaintain shoulder elevation at all times
Leg Circles first - Tuck, Straddle, Straight - then Tuck, Straight, Straddle2set, 1x each directionFirst do one circle in one direction, then without a break a second circle in the other direction
Tuck Leg Isolation2sets á 1rep each leg & 1rep both legsStraighten one leg at a time & then both at the same time without moving anything else
Straight Single Leg Isolations - Both legs2sets á 1x each leg & 1x both legsYou do not have to come all the way down to parallel. Make sure you stay parallel and clean!
Single Leg Circles: Tuck to Straddle to Straight2sets á 1x each legAs always it is all about isolation.
Alternating Front Split Kicks1 sets á 2x each legMake sure your scapular stays elevated and do not bend your back!!!! This will be difficult because your back is flexible but it will be very rewarding! Hold the handstand in between each.
Full Helicopter1x2 each side Continue the movement into a stacked tuck
Twisted Split Isolation1x2 each side
Twisted Split Helicopter2x1 each side
Slide Aways - 2 on 2 2 sets of 3Use two blocks close together so they are touching. Have the blocks a few handspans away from the wall, and lean forward to pull yourself off the wall. Try not to flop when you go back to the wall!
2on2 Tuck to Straddle to Straight4 sets, hold straddle & straight each for 5secLower down to tuck at the end

Side Warm Up

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Standing Side Bends1-2x4-6 each side
One Legged Kneeling Side Bends1x4 each side
Elevated Standing Side Bends1x5 each side
Deep Side Bends - Wall1x3 each side
Deep Side Bends - Freestanding2x2 each side
Deep Side Bends Top leg Bent2x1 each side
Deep Side Bends Bottom Leg Bent2x1 each side

One Arm HS Training

Do: Wall | Use: Blocks

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Lateral Walk on Wall - Legs Together1x 6 blocksThere & back no break inbetween
Freestanding Miami - Arms narrow. with Legs Straddle4sets, 1reps each sideStart with arms narrow/regular to each other. And with one hand on the block and one on the ground. Keep weight spread equally between both. Tuck up to handstand and hold :)
Miami Outside Hold1sets, 2reps each sideOne hand on the block the other on the floor. Now shift over to the hand that is on the floor.
Miami Outside Transfers2x3
Miami Floor Combi II2x1 each side
2on2 Tuck Slides2sets, 3reps
Vertical Wall Walks Challange2x down and upAdd a Miami climb on the way down and on the way back up to your regular Vertical Wall Walk with Block on Side
Assisted 1 Arm Shrugs in L2x4-6 each side
Wall Handstand Shrugs2 sets of 6In a handstand against the wall. Have your hands as close to the wall as possible. Push out tall through your shoulders and then depress before pushing up again. Nice and controlled!

Strength & Conditioning

Alternate Press to Handstand and HSPU day

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Press to Handstand3x
Chest to Wall Press2x3
Chest to Wall Leg Lifts2x3
Take offs at Wall from 1 Block2x4
Bench Zombie to Slow Lower3x
Sitting Wall Pancake Lifts10x & 10sec hold
Walking Dead2x20

You made it!

You’ve reached the end of this workout. Go use your legs and get food, a drink or whatever else gives you joy! 

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Do: 12 reps

Shoulders are active!

Do: 12 reps

Do: 12 reps

Do: 8 reps

Do: 8 reps

Do: 3 rounds back to back of 20 sec each exercise. No stopping in between

Do: 3 rounds back to back of 20 sec each exercise. No stopping in between

Do: 3 rounds back to back of 20 sec each exercise. No stopping in between

Do: 3 rounds back to back of 20 sec each exercise. No stopping in between

Do: 3 rounds back to back of 20 sec each exercise. No stopping in between

Do: 3 rounds back to back of 20 sec each exercise. No stopping in between

Start lying on your stomach face down. Legs are locked and nothing moves except for arms.
Arms in 90° angle, with elbows aligned around the height of your eyes.
Focus on pulling your shoulder blades together as you lift your arms and chest up off the ground. Then bring your hands back to your forehead, and back again.

Start by lying on your stomach. Go from a W-Raise into a Y-Raise, meaning extend your arms up in front of you. Once they are extended in front of you lift them up towards the ceiling a little. That is one rep.

Start by lying on your stomach with your arms extended on each side. Have the back of your hand on the floor. Initiate the lift by externally rotating your arms until your thumb is facing the ceiling. Try to lift your chest up as high as you can, as you squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull your shoulder blades back.

Lying with stomach on floor, extend arms to the side and create small circular movements, forward and backwards. Keep head on ground.

Interlace fingers behind your head and lift elbows as high as you can. Head stays on the ground the entire time. Legs are locked and feet pointed.

With all wrist warm ups there is no specific number I want you to do, just do them until your wrists are fully warmed up. Generally better take more time to warm up instead of less. Pick the exercises that feel the best for your wrists, and if you already have a wrist warm-up routine, just go with that one.

Exercise 1 - Place palm of hand on the floor in various positions and angles (e.g. fingers facing your knees, fingers pointing to the outside, etc) while you load weight on to your arms gently

Exercise 2 - Place one hand on top of the other and only move your arm around (from straight to bend, imagine you are drawing circles with your elbow)

Exercise 3 - Place back of hands on ground and gently load weight on to your arms. Move around from side to side, front and back to stretch them out a bit.

Extend your arms in front of you and open/close your hands. Work on extending your fingers fully.

Start with your hand open facing towards the ceiling in extension. Now bring the tip of all 5 fingers together and and flex your wrist.

Put hands together in front you in a prayer position. Move hands downwards and elbows out to introduce a stretch. Go through these until wrists feel warm and ready

I start every handstand with a tuck kick up to make sure there are no imbalances developing over time, and to keep the movement looking the same each time. Starting from a kneeling position is the best for this. (Check out the video on the bottom for the tuck kick up)

After kicking up from a kneeling position you will end up in the tuck. Push up and elevate your shoulder blades. Keep your knees together and point your toes.
As you move to the straight handstand, keep focusing on the shoulder push. You want to learn to isolate your legs. Leg movement should have no effect on your shoulder position and balance. The important thing here is to straighten/open your hips and knees at the same time. If you lock your knees too soon you'll end up in a pike. And if you open your hips too soon while keeping your knees bend, you'll most likely end up with an arched back.

As you move down back to the tuck, keep your back straight and don't let your lower back arch. Go as low into the tuck as you can without going to the point where your lower back rounds and your hip is pulling you down, compromising your shoulder position. Some people will have a tuck with quads parallel to the ground, and some might have one with quads touching the tummy. Stick to what allows you to keep your shoulders elevated!

Also as you move through these, go slow & controlled! Don't rush from end position to end position, but instead think that each inch you are covering should be controlled. You want to be able to stop and pause at any moment you want. This level of control and freedom will help with more advanced skills.

1 rep= Tuck to Straight to Tuck 

How to kick up to tuck from a kneeling position:

Same as with the tuck to straight, you start with a tuck kick up from a kneeling position.
Focus on shoulder elevation and moving slowly and in a controlled fashion.
As you go into your straddle focus on making your legs long and locked and keep your feet pointed. It is here in the straddle where you want to push up even more and not lose that elevation. Then come back to tuck, hold and lower down.


Start in a kneeling position and kick up to your tuck handstand. Then extend into a straight handstand.
Always focus on keeping your shoulder blades elevated.
Now you want to move one leg towards the ground until it hits parallel. Don't feel like you have to go this low right from the beginning, but find the point you can still control and keep the elevation up. Go slow and as always control every part of the motion.

This drill will really teach you how to move your legs in an isolated fashion.
- Don't let your hip roll forward and disrupt balance (thus making you comprise your shoulder position).
- don't let your lower back arch to make it easier.
- You want to keep your back nice and straight, and shorten your hip flexors to move the leg.



Focus on technique here. This is similar in principle as the regular Slide away except that you want to get your hands(thumbs) to touch by placing to blocks next to each other! Really focus on pushing out tall.

The goal is to move away from the wall by only using a shoulder lean and push.
Start off about three hands-worth away from the wall. The further you go the harder it will get, so keep that in mind.

Set up in a straight handstand meaning: push through the shoulders, engage the traps, your mid section and your legs. Keep your legs locked & together and toes pointed.

Now your "handstand line" should not change through the entire motion.
You will start the drill by leaning forward using only your shoulders. Lean forward until you feel your legs coming off the wall, then only push up through the shoulder into a straight handstand.
Don't try to use a piked hip or momentum to get away from the wall.
Once you are in a straight handstand keep the tension and shoulder elevation and let yourself drop on to the wall. Then repeat.

What happens often that instead of leaning forward with only the shoulders, people will use their hip to get away from the wall. Think of constantly "pressing" your hip towards the wall (aka balls to wall).


This exercise will teach you how to find the correct position, and very clearly show you if your alignment is off. ⁣
Throughout this exercise you want to keep your⁣

➡ Shoulders elevated⁣
➡ Ribs in⁣
➡ Legs locked⁣

As you shift your weight on to one arm, stack your opposite hip over your shoulder. ⁣Elevate your weight-bearing shoulder even more to make the free arm weightless. ⁣To actually lift the arm, bend your elbow. This will help keep the free shoulder down. ⁣
Keep pushing and elevating the shoulder as you grab the next block. ⁣ When moving back to two arms, don't sink in. Fight to keep the elevation up. It will make life on blocks easier & keep your shoulders happy. ⁣

To recap: ⁣

➡ Opposite hip over shoulder⁣
➡ Push on two arms, push even more on one⁣
➡ Let the free hand lift as a reaction to your shoulder push⁣
➡To lift arm, bend elbow⁣
➡ Keep free shoulder down (aka towards your ear/cheek) ⁣

Start with 4 blocks & facing the wall with legs closed. Go one way, take a break, go back the other way.


Full lateral walk tutorial: