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My man,

Time to move so we can properly get at it! Let’s gooo

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To Film this Week:

  • Handstand
    Bent Arm Press Bottom Hold
  • Assisted 1 Arm Handstand Shrugs
  • L Handstand Leg Isolation
  • Box Tuck Leg Isolations
  • Miami Climbs in L
  • Tuck Planch Pulls
  • Lean Push Up Take Offs with Bent Knees


  • Laying 1 Legged Hamstring Stretch
  • Runners Stretch
  • Runners stretch Slides
  • Half Split Back Knee Bent Against the Wall
  • Half Split Reps
  • Front Split on Floor
  • Cobra Reps
  • Knee Bridge Wall Taps
    Bridge From Floor
  • Half Middle Split
  • Middle Split on Floor

How does it work?

Until we get to the gym and start training for real use these 2 workouts and rotate them!


Please film and send your videos on Tuesday Feb 16 so I can do your feedback on Wednesday. Then again 2 weeks later on March 2nd.  If that is very inconvenient for you we can also swap it to another day!

My number is +1 213 425 7858

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Month 0: 285€ – due

✓ Month 1-3: 1200€ – done – Starting on or around March 8th

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