Road to Middle SPlits & the



Deep Side Bend
Miami Floor Combi Part 2 – Full Straddle
Miami Outside Transfer – Legs Together
Miami Inside Hold – Full Straddle

Vertical Wall Walk – Legs Together
Miami Climb in L
Pike Push Up Negative

Press to Handstand from 2 Blocks
Chest to Wall Press
Lower to Compression Hold
Tuck Planche Pull
Take Off at Wall from 1 Block

Film these next week again (We will film these every week because you love them so much..)

Half Split Back Knee Bent Against the Wall
Front Split reps – Between Blocks
Knee Bridge Wall Walk
Half Split Back Knee Straight – Arched
Bridge Wall Walk

Film these next week (we will keep these only every second week)

Inversion Lift with Bent Knees on Rings
Half Pike Lift on Rings
German Hang Lowers to Standing
Back Row on Rings

How does it work?

I want you to train handstands up to 5 times per week.
Do each Handstand conditioning 2 times per week on none alternating days.
Do the Pulling Workout each Saturday!

Please upload your videos every Saturday starting Jan 6 so I can do your feedback on Sundays. If this is super inconvenient for you let me know and we can arrange a different day 🙂

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440euro Monthly – Paid Upfront

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