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To Film:

Squatting Pike Warm Up
Swimmer on Elbows with Elevated Hips
Runners Stretch Pulses
Front Split On Floor
Knee Bridge Wall Walk

Box Tuck Leg Isolation
Tuck Take Off
L Handstand Leg Isolations
Slide Away to Straddle
Straddle Slide away to Legs together
45 Handstand Leg Isolation to Tuck
Jump to Tuck
L Wall Jumps

Band Assisted Bar Back Lever Reps – Advanced Tuck
Sliding Bar Front Lever Row
Leg & Elastic Assisted Front Lever Pulls on Bar
Band Assisted Muscle Up

How does it work?

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Please make sure to shoot me a message when the videos are all ready either through instagram or better via WhatsApp!
+1 213 425 7858

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