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YO! Your handstands are fire and you are getting so flexible. Beautiful! I am proud of you. Big things coming!

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About splitting your training. I would recommend splitting the flexibility.

–> Do pancake & front split on one day

–> And Middle splits on the second day.
Make sure to warm up your hamstring before. I’ve added the drills to your routine already!


For handstands. I would also recommend dividing the program into 2 different days. 
Do all the warm ups and basic drills until D5. From here on out it will be different.

For strength and conditioning I would divide even more. You will have two A days and two B days. rotate those evenly. Let’s see how this will go for you 🙂

Day A

  • 2on2
  • miami drills
  • 90 degrees push up — rotated with HSPU
  • dips — rotated with diamond push ups
  • lat pull down — rotated with archer pull ups

Day B (in this order!)

  • deep side bends wall
  • deep side bends freestanding
  • 3 block step 
  • vertical wall walks
  • lateral wall walks
  • pike press — rotated with pike press
  • tuck to straddle planch hold — rotated with stalder to straddle planch reps
  • skin the cat — rotated with front lever pulls

To Film

  • Diamond Elastic Side Bends
  • Elastic One Arm – Straddle Straight Straddle
  • Stretched Out Fingertip Taps
  • Outside Leg Isolation – Straddle Tuck Straddle
  • Elastic Assisted Mana
  • Wall Pancake Lifts
  • Handstand to Straddle Planche
  • Ice cream Maker
  • Archer Ring Dips
  • Mexican Table Taps
  • Middle Split on Back with Elastic
  • Front split Back Knee Bent
  • Wide Half Split Arched
  • Cobra with bent Knees against the wall
  • Cobra with straight Knees
  • yoga bridge
  • Knee bridge wall walk
  • Bridge from floor
  • Bridge Upper Back Activations
  • Active Leg Rotations on Back with Elastic

How does it work?

As with most skills, handstands & flexibility require consistency!

  • Do the handstand & flexibility program up to 4-5x a week
  • For questions, feedback and anything else, write me on IG 🙂

Weekly process:

  • Each Tuesday upload your weekly videos into your drive folder, using either the uploader below or the following link: click me
  • Each Wednesday/Thursday you’ll receive Feedback & Program updates. 

Your Info

You are currently in Week 20

Start Date: 10.02.2020


✓ Week 0: done
✓ Month 1: 500usd done
✓ Month 2: 500usd done
✓ Month 3: 500usd done
✓ Month 3: 500usd done
✓ Month 5: 500usd done July 10
✓ Month 6: 500usd done August 5

Month 7: 500usd due September 2

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