Road to better one arm


Let's get started!

Well done!

OAHS are looking great! Figas as well. 
Try getting more reps in the new flag drill. I want you to go in and back out a couple times!
Keep it up!

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Reach out if you have any questions at any time!

To film:

Flag Top Leg Bent – Reps

Elastic Side Bends

Lateral Walks Legs Together

Vertical Walks Legs Together

Elastic OAHS – Straddle Straight Straddle

OAHS Legs Straddle

OAHS Legs Together

Figas Compressions

Figas Stretched Out Fingertips

How does it work?

Please upload your videos on Tuesdays so I can do your Feedback on Wednesday 🙂
Happy training

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