Road to One Arm



Vertical Walk Down – Full Straddle
Assisted OAHS – Legs Together
Assisted OAHS – Full Straddle
Extreme Miami Floor Combi – Legs Together

Assisted OAHS – Legs Together
Assisted OAHS – Full Straddle

Chest to Wall Press
Bench Zombie to Compression Hold
Half Stalder Changes with Bent Knees
HSPU Slide Away
Miami Reps in L

Extended Runners Stretch Rocking
Half Split Back Knee Bent – Arched Walk & Hold
Half Split Reps – Block & Band Assisted
Knee Bridge Wall Walk – to Floor
Bridge – Elevated Hands against Wall
Hollow Back Wall Tap to Straddle

How does it work?

I wrote 3 workouts for you.
2 Handstand workouts with some conditioning at the end.
1 back bending / Hollow Back Workout

I Want you to do the handstand workouts as often as possible alternating between the 2.

I want you to do the back bending workout 2x per week

Please upload your videos every other Friday starting May 24 so I can do your feedback on Saturdays. If this is super inconvenient for you let me know and we can arrange a different day.

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Start Date: Mon May 13


295 USD Monthly – Upfront

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