Road to Float &



45 Handstand Single Leg Tuck Slide
Half Slide Away
L Handstand Pull
Crow to Headstand – Elevated Head & Feet
Pike Push Up Negative
Push Up – Band Assisted

L Handstand Single Leg Isolation
Box Tuck Single Leg Isolation
Crane Single Leg Take Off – Elevated Feet
Bench Forearmstand Hip Engagements
Bench Zombie to Slow Lower
Planche Foot Drag

How does it work?

I have created 2 separate workouts for you to begin. I want you to alternate the workouts doing each 2 times per week. 

Remember that these are a starting point only. We can adjust to make them longer, shorter, easier and harder. We just have to communicate!

Please upload your videos every other Wednesday starting March 27 so I can do your feedback on Thursdays. If this is super inconvenient for you let me know and we can arrange a different day 🙂

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Start Date: March 13


Upfront 280 €

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