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Press & HSPU

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Slow and steady improvements. I am very happy!

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To Film:

Handstands & Conditioning
Chest to wall Press
Take Off to Press to Handstand
Freestanding HSPU
HSPU with headstand in L with elevated Hands
L Sit to Standing and back
Tuck Planche Changes
Pike Press Negative to L Sit
L Sit to Half Stalder
Stalder Leg Lifts

Runners Stretch Reaches
Sitting Leg Lifts
prep for swimmer
Downward Dog – 1 Leg
Wide Straddle Pancake
runners slides
Runners Table
V Up with Rope
Middle Split with 1 Knee Bent & Straight Upper Body

How does it work?

Please make sure to upload the demanded videos every second Monday or Tuesday as I will be doing your feedback on Wednesday

Your feedback dates are:

Oct 7
Oct 21
Nov 4
Nov 18
Dec 2
Dec 16


Your Info

You are currently doing a 3 month 1-1 online coaching 

with bi-weekly feedback

Starting on Sept 23rd
Finishing on Dec 16


✓ Month 1: $350 – done
 Month 2: $350 – done
 Month 3: $350 – due: November 18

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