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To Film

L Handstand Leg Isolation Tuck to Straight
L Handstand bring Both Legs Back to the Wall at the Same Time

Lower to Box Tuck
Leg Circles
Slow lower from Handstand
Bench Press to Handstand

Deep Side Bends – Wall
Vertical Wall Walks – Legs Together

Chest to Wall Press Negatives
Back to Wall Press – Negatives
Bench Zombie to Compression Hold
Tuck Planche Negatives to Bent Knee L Sit

Handstand Workout

Flexibility Workout

How does it work?

Train handstands 3-4 times per week with always 1 days off between workouts.
If you can train each of the flexibility sessions 2 times per week. You can combine them into 1 workout or keep them separate from each other

Please upload your videos every second Monday starting July 24th so I can do your feedback on Tuesdays. If this is super inconvenient for you let me know and we can arrange a different day 🙂 We can also always update your plan to weekly feedbacks

Reach out via WhatsApp with any questions.

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