One arm Handstands &


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Again, well done. Lots of small and big improvements everywhere
General note for everything. SLOW DOWN

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Welcome back 🙂

To Film

  • Miami Side Bends
  • Deep Side Bends Freestanding
  • Extreme Miami Floor Combi
  • Walk Down
  • Lateral Walk with 4 blocks
  • Miami Climbs Right Freestanding – Left at Wall
  • Miami Outside Hold on 2 Blocks – Straddle Straight Straddle

  • Bench Zombie Press
  • Bench Zombie to Compression Hold
  • Chest to Wall Press

How does it work?

Let’s do the first feedback on Monday March 15. After that we go bi weekly so please upload your videos on every second Sunday.

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Start Date: March 8th

First Feedback March 15th


Bi-Weekly 250USD per Month

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