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Hey there!

Beautiful work as always. No program changes this week before we change things up again in a week 🙂 Happy training!

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To Film this Week:

  • Flexibility
  • Cobra
  • Half Split Back Knee Straight
  • Runners Stretch
  • Middle Split with Both Knees Bent
  • Half Middle Split
  • Laying 1 Legged Hamstring Stretch – with Elastic
  • Half Split Back Knee Bent Against the Wall
  • Shoulder Warm Up with Elastic
  • Shoulder Stretch Wall Slides
  • Runners Stretch Slides
  • Shoulder Stretch on Knees

–> For all of these flexibility exercises please film the whole set and not just a few reps. 


  • Tuck on Back
  • Box Tuck Shrugs
  • Walk hands in Downward Dog with feet on chair
  • Wall Crow
  • Kneeling Shoulder Shrugs with Elastic

How does it work?

Time to get to work.

Start slow. Train handstands and flexibility 3-4 times a week.
Only do what feels safe and reach out with any questions. 

Please upload the request videos by Sunday so Nastya can do your feedback on Mondays

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