Flexibility Training

Here is your full workout as an overview. This overview includes name, reps, short cue  and if you expand (“+”) you’ll also see a quick demo of the movement. To access the full tutorial just click on the exercise name & a screen will pop up on top with long description & how-to. Enjoy! 

Warm Up

6-12 min of low impact cardiovascular activity to break a light sweat

Specific Warm up

DemoExerciseVideoHow to/Cues
Hip Circles on Back15x each leg & each directionHips stay parallel to floor and tailbone stays on floor at all times!
Deep Plie10 plus 10 hold
Alternating Plie10Knee guides the movement. 90degrees angle at knees and hips. Use chair or wall for balance if necessary!
Lotus Wave Combi10x waves & 20sec each side


DemoExerciseVideoHow to/Cues
Passe Developpe on Back10x
Half Middle Split10xBoth knees, standing foot and pubic bone in line. Move side ways only.
Walking Pike Progression20
Laying 1 Legged Hamstring Stretch - with Elastic10 plus 20 holdPull your knee as close as possible to the chest and keep it there the whole time. Make sure to fully lock your knee every time!
Runners Stretch - with elevated hands on yoga blocks30 secElevate your hands on yoga blocks!
Runners Stretch Table10 sec
Runners Stretch Pulses - with elevated hands on yoga blocks10xElevate your hands on yoga blocks!
Straight Leg Calf Stretch30sec /2 times
Runners Stretch Slides6x


DemoExerciseVideoHow to/Cues
Half Split Prep30 secHips & shoulders parallel to the floor. Posterior pelvic tilt. Hips over back knee.
Half Split Back Knee Bent Against the Wall30 secHips & shoulders parallel to the floor. Posterior pelvic tilt. Use wall/chair for balance if necessary
Half Split30 secHips & shoulders parallel to the floor. Posterior pelvic tilt. Use wall/chair for balance if necessary
Forearm Half Split30Hips & shoulders squared & parallel to floor. Do not arch lower back. If you can not reach the floor use yoga blocks or chairs to elevate your hands. If you are touching the floor
Half Split Back Knee Straight10 sec


DemoExerciseVideoHow to/Cues
Hamstring Bridges10Do not arch lower back. Feet and Knees Hip width apart.
Bent Knee Windshield Wipers10Feet pointed close to glutes. Knees stay together at all times.
Half Snow Angels1090 degrees angle in hips & knees. Knees stay together. Do not allow hips to roll back.
Reverse Half Snow Angel1090 degrees angle in hips & knees. Fully straighten back leg. Do not allow your hip to rotate back.
Shoulder Warm Up with Elastic10Do not rotate shoulders. Wrists stay in same position towards each other. Isolate shoulders in first one. Add chest for second movement. Never open your mid or lower back
Shoulder Stretch on Knees30 secLook at hands. Elbows locked. Arch your back. Hips over knees or slightly further back. Push hips towards hands.
Shoulder Stretch Wall Slides10x
Active Sphinx8Push arms into floor. Lower stomach stays on floor. Use back muscles ro raise and pull head back. Shoulders down!
Cobra8Use back muscles to raise. Start with hands next to the chest. Squeeze elbows along the body. Push diagonally back and up with arms. Pull head back to create even arch.
Upper and Lower Body Lifts on Stomach10
Rounded Rehab Crunches10Go slow & round 1 vertebral at the time.

You made it!

You’ve reached the end of this workout. Go use your legs and get food, a drink or whatever else gives you joy! 

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