Road to the one arm


To Film

None Alternating Straddle Slide Away Side Bends

Small Transfers – Full Straddle
Miami Outside Hold – Legs Together
Miami Floor Combi Part 2 – Full Straddle

Vertical Wall Walks – Legs Together
Assisted 1 Arm Shrugs in L

Tuck Planche Changes
Foot Assisted Tuck Planche Push Ups from Knees
HSPU Slide Away


One Arm Workout

Healthy Back Inspo

How does it work?

I want you to train handstands 4 times per week. 
Do each conditioning block twice weekly alternating. 
Continue to stretch and continue to work on your pulling and legs!
If you want to do an additional handstand workout that is fine but on that additional day do not do the conditioning part of the workout.

“Please upload your videos every other Wednesday starting August 30th so I can do your feedback on Thursdays. If this is super inconvenient for you let me know and we can arrange a different day “ ← this is what I would usually tell my clients. Your case is specific. Due to your sleeping pattern we can play it by week basically. So paid for 12 weeks of training and 6 feedbacks. If this takes 3 month: great! If it takes 4: just as great!

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Start Date: August 16


Monthly 280USD – 3 Month upfront

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