Road to back bending


Let's get started!


Alright. We are getting somewhere. Stay focused. Things are really starting to look up!

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Happy training!

What to film:

  • Handstand
    L Handstand Single Leg Isolation
  • Slide Away 
  • Straddle Slide Away
  • Tuck Take Off
  • Box Tuck Leg Isolation
  • Tuck to Straight
  • Bench Zombie to Compression Hold
  • Take offs at Wall from 4 Plates


  • Flexibility
    Half Split Reps
  • Half Split Back Knee Bent
  • Shoulder Stretch on Knees
  • Knee Bridge Wall Taps
  • Bridge From Floor
  • Bridge – Upper Back Activation
  • Wall Bridge Steps
  • Forarmstand Mexican Wall Taps
  • Wall Bridge Take Offs

How does it work?

Time to start training.

Work your handstands up to 5 times a week.

Start by back bending 3 times a week preferably on the days when you don’t do CrossFit!


Please film and upload your videos on every second Thursday starting on Feb  5th so I can do your feedback on Fridays. If that is very inconvenient for you we can also swap it to another day!

Your Info

You are currently starting a 3 month 1-on-1 online coaching with bi-weekly Feedback

Start Date: Jan 26.
First Feedback:  Feb 6th


✓ Month 1-3: 855 € done

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