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My man,

good. main problems this week are your legs: they have to be tight and engaged. Your shoulders are also not working well enough yet for more advanced skills like one arm handstands and such. They have to push taller and you have to get them over the center of your hands!


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Reach out if you have any questions!!

To Film this Week:

  • Slide Away
  • Straddle Slide Away
  • Tuck Take Off
  • Straight to Tuck
  • Straight to Straddle
  • Lateral Leg Isolation
  • Vertical Leg Isolation
  • Calisthenics
  • Tuck Planche Changes
  • Tuck Planche Pull Take Offs
  • Handstand Push Up in L with Elevated Hands
  • Bent Arm Press Bottom Hold
  • Ring Dips
  • Almost Skin The Cat
  • Front Lever Negatives
  • Front Lever Pulls
  • Archer Negative

How does it work?

Train handstands up to 6 days a week. Try to do push and pull each 2 times a week.


Please film and upload your videos every second Monday starting March 8th so I can do your feedback on Tuesday.

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 Month 1: €285 – done
 Month 2: €285 – due 4 weeks from starting date
 Month 3: €285 – due 8 weeks from starting date

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