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Pull Day Workout

Here is your full workout for today. This overview includes name, reps, and most important cues. IMPORTANT!!  To see the video click the (“+”) symbol next to the exercise name, and it will expand.

Look after yourself and only do what feels safe enough.
Make sure to warm up well. 

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DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Scapula Pull Up on Bar1x8Keep your elbows locked at all times and neck in a neutral position.
Depress your shoulders fully in each rep creating distance around your ears.
Move extra slow as you return to your starting position. Keep lights a mounts of tension a the bottom and do not ever fully relax your shoulders.
Keep your entire body in a vertical line. Do not close your shoulders creating an angle as your depress your scapula.
Skin The Cat1x4

Dip to Pull Up on Rings3xgo as slow as possible
Band Assisted Muscle Up3x total

Band Assisted Muscle Up Pull Ups on Rings2x2
Band Assisted Advanced Tuck Front Lever Row Negative from Touch - Bar5x 3sec hold on top & 8sec hold in front lever

Inverted Dead Lift from Bottom on Bar2x6

Sliding Bar Front Lever Row2x6-10

Elevated Back Row on Rings2x6-10

False Grip Pull Up on Rings3x8-12

Elastic Face Pull3x12Attach the elastic in front of you at around chest height or slightly below.
Grab the elastic in an overhand grip so that the top of your hands faces towards the back at the top of the movement and that your hands are connected to each other through the thumb side.
Keep your shoulders low and squeeze your shoulder blades behind your back.
Use an elastic strong enough to challenge you towards the end of the set but make sure form stays high throughout the entire duration of the drill.
Hanging Leg Lift1x4 each way

Rocking Boat Abs8xEvenly round your back to create a smooth rocking motion.
Lock your knees, point your feet and squeeze them together.
Keep your head in a neutral position.
Engage your entire body from hands to toes.
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