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It’s been truly beautiful working with you and watching you improve! Amazing job for everything and see you soon!

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To FIlm

  • Lateral walks FREESTANDING
  • Elastic OAHS
  • Walk Up & Down
  • Miami Outside Hold on 2 Blocks – Straddle Straight Straddle
  • Press Tap Press
  • Chest To Wall Press
  • L Sit to Half Stalder Press with Bent Knees
  • Stretched Out Fingertip Hold

Entire Back Stretching without Half Split

How does it work?

As with most skills, handstands & flexibility require consistency!

  • Do the handstand & flexibility program 6- a week 
  • For questions, feedback and anything else, write me on IG 🙂

Weekly process:

  • Each Wednesday upload your weekly videos into your drive folder, using either the uploader below or the following link: click me
  • Each Thursday/Thursday you’ll receive Feedback & Program updates. 

Your Info


Start Date: June 3rd


✓ Week 0: done
✓ Month 1: 400usd done
✓Month 2: 400usd done
✓ Month 3: 400usd due

Paypal Link
Use the upload option below
Upload your Weekly Videos

At the moment we are using Google Drive to handle uploads. Use the following link to be taken to your folder & upload your assessment videos. In the next days you will receive full access to your drive! 

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