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Mein Guter,

Es geht voran. Ich bin happy wie immer. Bleibe konzentriert und ziehe durch!

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Beste Gruesse

To Film this Week:

  • Deep Side Bends Freestanding
    Miami Floor Combi
    Lateral Wall Walks
  • Vertical Wall Walks
  • L Sit to Half Stalder with Bent Knees
  • HSPU back to the Wall
  • Lower to Headstand at Wall
  • Chest to Wall Press
  • Planche Slide
  • Extreme Slide Away
  • Runners Stretch Table
    Sitting one Legged Hamstring Stretch
    Parallel Runners Stretch
    Parallel Runners Stretch Reps
  • Pike Press Prep
  • Butterfly on Back
  • Middle Split Slides with Straight Upper Bod
  • Elevated Hip Opener
  • Assisted Middle Split at Wall

How does it work?

Please make sure to upload the demanded videos every second Monday or Tuesday as I will be doing your feedback on Wednesday

Your feedback dates are:

Oct 14
Oct 28
Nov 11
Nov 25
Dec 9
Dec 23


Your Info

You are currently doing a 6 month 1-1 online coaching 

with bi-weekly feedback

Starting on Oct 1st


✓ Month 1: 230Euro – done
✓ Month 2: 230Euro – done on Oct oct 13 (2 weeks early)
 Month 3: 230Euro – due: November 26 DELAYED BY 1 WEEK DUE TO RETREAT –> Dec 3
Month 4: 230Euro – due: Dec 31

Use the upload option below, or the link to drive
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