Road to planche &

one arm handstand

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My man,

Looking good. Well done! Added some new progressions and changed the lower to tuck planche to lower to straddle planche. While this one is generally harder you seem more inspired there so let’s just roll with it 😉

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Make sure to check the filming list as I updated it slightly 😉

To Film this Week:

  • Single Leg Circles
  • Straight Leg Isolation
  • Freestanding Deep Side Bends
  • Miami to Stretched Out Fingertips
    3 block step
    Vertical walk up
    Vertical wall walks


  • Advanced Tuck Planche
  • Tuck Planche Changes
  • Handstand to Straddle Planche
  • 90 Deg Push Ups

How does it work?

Time to get training!

Reach out via WhatsApp with any questions. 

Please upload your videos every second Wednesday starting June 9th so I can do your feedback on Thursdays. If this is super inconvenient for you let me know and we can arrange a different day 🙂

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