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Handstand Training

Here is your full workout for today. This overview includes name, reps, and most important cues. IMPORTANT!!  To see the video click the (“+”) symbol next to the exercise name, and it will expand.

Look after yourself and only do what feels safe enough.
Make sure to warm up well. 

Shoulder Warm Up

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Forehead to W8 repsGo slow and focus pulling shoulder blades together
Straight to W8 repsActively keep lifting arms up on Y-Raises
Back Extensions8 repsInitiate lift by externally rotating your arms until thumb is facing the ceiling
Arm Circles8 per directionExtend arms to the side and create small circular movements
Wrist Warm-UpFew reps eachChoose 2-3 Exercises, or feel free to add your own. Go through these until your wrists feel ready.

Wall Drills

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Wall Walks2x3Scapular elevated at all times. Look at hands at all times. Walk as close as possible to the wall. Do not allow your stomach to touch the wall. Feet only!
Tuck Slides2x4Knees touch the wall. Knees stay together. Hands shoulder width apart! Look at your hands at all times. Do not round your lower back. Do not close shoulders.
Slide Away2x3Start with your body in a perfectly straight line. Feet are the only thing touching the wall. Look at your hands and push out tall. Elbows locked. Move your shoulders to the front and slide the feet down the wall. When you are about to fall over take off from the wall and align yourself in a straight, freestanding handstand. Come abck to the wall as one straight unit. Do not close your shoulders on the way back. Do not pull your hips during the slide away. Do not arch your back. The only position change should be in the shoulders!
Straddle Slide Away2x3Do not pike. Do not arch your back. Go slow and focus on perfect technique!
Slide Away to Single Leg Isolation to Straddle2x1 each sideGo slow. Focus on isolating the legs inside of your hips. In full straddle they are externally rotated. When the legs are together the feet should be in parallel.
L Handstand Single Leg Isolations1x2 each leg alternatingElbows locked. Hands, shoulders & hips in 1 line. Bring the foot right above. Do not externally rotate the leg. Move slow!
L Handstand Leg Isolations1x2 each legFocus on isolation! Move 1 leg at the time only. Do not jump away from the wall. Do not bring the foot further away from the wall than the hands as a counterweight! Keep your shoulders over your hands at all times and do not arch your back!
L Handstand Wall Taps2x1 each sideStart with a regular L Handstand leg isolation to a straight handstand. Now isolate the moving leg fully and bring it back towards the wall. Gently carasse the wall only. Do not put any weight against the wall and come back to the straight handstand. Do not move your shoulders or use the top leg as a counter weight. To adjust difficulty move your hands closer to the wall.

Freestanding Basics

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Tuck to Straight1x2Focus on your tuck jump first. As soon as you have aligned your hips with your already aligned hands and shoulders extend your legs up in a perfectly straight line. Look at your hands and keep your elbows locked at all times. Elevate your scapula so your shoulders cover your ears!
Tuck to Straddle1x2Focus on your shoulders. Push out tall at all times and keep your elbows locked! Your knees should guide the movement from the tuck to the straddle. Skip the diamond pose!
Leg Circles - Straight Straddle Tuck1x2Keep elbows locked at all times. Do not round your lower back!
Leg Circles - Straight Tuck Straddle1x2Keep elbows locked at all times. Do not round your lower back!
Lateral Leg Isolations from Straight1x2 each legFocus on moving 1 leg at the time exclusively! Externally rotate the leg as soon as you move it!
Single Leg Circles from Straight2x1 each sideKeep your shoulders elevated and elbows locked the entire time. Do not move your hips and make sure the immobile leg is actually immobile on top. Focus on external rotation of the working leg in the full straddle.
2on2 Tuck Slides2x2If you do not have blocks place your hands on the floor as close to each other as possible!
2on2 Straight Straddle Straight2xUse two blocks side by side touching each other. If you do not have blocks place your hands on the floor next to each other.
Miami Leg Circles2x each sidePlace the floor hand close to the block. Hips and shoulders are parallel to the floor with both scapular fully elevated. Bend the block elbow.

Side Bends

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Standing Side Bends with Arms Over Head2x6 each side
Elevated Kneeling Side Bends2x8 each side
Elevated Standing Side Bends1x6 each side
Deep Side Bends - Wall1x3 each side
Straddle Slide Away Side Bends1x2 each sideLock your legs in a full straddle and keep them there at all times. Start by doing a straddle slide away before doing 1 side bend at the time. Make sure to keep your hips and shoulders parallel to the wall. The close proximity to the wall provides instant feedback for all small mistakes.
Deep Side Bends - Freestanding2x2 each sideKeep your elbows locked and your scapula elevated at all times. Don't rotate. Imagine you are in a toaster. You do not want to burn your feet or shoulders. Keep your shoulders centered in the middle. Don't use them as a counterweight.

OAHS Training

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Extreme Miami Floor Combi - Full Straddle2x1 each side
Miami Floor Combi Legs Together2x each side
Lateral Walks - Full Straddle4 blocks - there | rest | backDo not count the reps, make the reps count! 1 good step is better than finishing the whole set but rushing. Find the 1 arm position in every step! Leave your free shoulder down and keep the hips locked on the outside when you move the hand to the next block!
Lateral Walks - Legs Togetherthere break backEvery time you take a step try getting a little bit taller. I should visually be able to see that difference! Make sure to keep your free shoulder low!
Vertical Block Walks - Legs Together2x each side
Walk Up & Down - Full Straddle2x each side
Miami to Stretched Out Fingertips Hold - Full Straddle2x max each side
Miami to Stretched Out Fingertips Hold - Legs Together2x each side
Miami to Stretched Out Fingertips Hold - Legs Together to Straddle2x each sideGo slow and hold the legs together position before the movement and the straddle after. Make sure not to simply drop your legs down but to carefully carry them into the straddle. Focus on Isolating the movement only in your legs. Keep your hips and shoulders immobile. Look at the hand that you are standing on
Elastic OAHS - Legs Together2x each side max hold
Elastic OAHS - Full Straddle2x max hold each side
Jump to Miami Outside Hold - 2 Blocks3x each side

Handstand Conditioning

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Vertical Wall Walk Baby Straddle2x down up down up CLEAN
Assisted 1 Arm Shrugs in L2x8 each sideLook at the hand you are standing on. Transfer your weight onto that hand and keep a slight side bend for the entire duration of the exercise. Work with your supporting shoulder only. The fingertips are for balance assistance only. Make sure the free arm is locked and the hand as far away from you as possible.
Lateral Wall Walks - Legs Together6 blocks, there and back 2xEvery time you take a step try getting a little bit taller. I should visually be able to see that difference! Make sure to keep your free shoulder low!

Planche Conditioning

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
L Sit to Standing with Bent Knees2x3On the way back try taking off from the bars with your knees as locked as possible and lower down to the Bent Knee L Sit as Slow as possible.
Slow Lower Through Tuck Planche to Tuck L Sit3x as slow as possible
Wall Tuck Planche Reps3x1
Tuck Planche Push Ups3x2-3

HSPU Conditioning

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Partial Freestanding HSPU4x total CLEAN!!!Start small and stay clean. Do not arch your back!
Dead Chest to Wall HSPU with Elevated Hands2x max clean
Freestanding Lower to Bottom Hold2x max holdGo as slow as possible. Hold the bottom position. Do not allow your back to arch or your elbows to flare out!
Extra Deep Downward Handstand Dog Push Ups3x8-12 (can be weighted-as little rest as possible)

Middle Splits

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Deep Plie Chest to Wall10xCome as close to the wall as possible and externally rotate your legs. Push your hips towards the wall and your knees away.
Deep Plie Back to Wall10xCome as close to the wall as possible and lean against the wall. Externally rotate your legs fully and push your knees towards the wall.
Alternating Plie10xKnee guides the movement. 90degrees angle at knees and hips. Use chair or wall for balance if necessary!
Standing 1 Legged Pike Stretch40 secKnees locked. keeo your hips and shoulders squared and parallel to the floor.
Walking Pike40 secBack is straight or even sligthly arched. Anterior pelvic tilt. Pull your belly button towards your locked knees.
Laying 1 Legged Hamstring Stretch - with Elastic20x each sidePull your knee as close as possible to the chest and keep it there the whole time. Make sure to fully lock your knee every time!
Runners Stretch40 secHips & shoulders parallel to the floor. Back is straight/ sligthly arched. Anterior pelvic tilt! Hips over back knee. Front knee is locked
Runners Stretch Pulses10x each side
Side Runners Stretch40 secHips & shoulders parallel to the floor. Front foot stays in line with hips. Hands slide out towards the side to create a 45 degrees angle between the upper body and the front leg. Back is straight/ sligthly arched. Anterior pelvic tilt! Hips over back knee. Front knee is locked
Dead Bug Circles10xPull your knees as close as possible towards the floor. Use your glute muscles to actively help the movement. Lower back stays on the floor at all times
Half Middle Split10xBoth knees, standing foot and pubic bone in line. Move side ways only.
Hip Opener10xBoth feet pointed. While pushing hips back simoutaniously push chest towards the floor
Middle Split with Both Knees Bent2x1minBoth knees and hips on 1 line. Upper body straight and parallel to the floor. Use pillow or box under chest to get compfortable.
Middle Split on Floor1 minFully lock your knees to protect them from bending. Make sure your feet and hips are in 1 straight line and keep your upper body parallel to the floor.
Middle Split on Back against Wall with Elastic1 minKeep your knees fully locked to protect them from injuries.
Assisted Middle Split at Wall2x45secKeep your upper body parallel to the floor. Lean your hips back against the wall. Place your elbows on the chair for reduced pressure.
Middle Split Slide to Kick10xHips and shoulders stay parallel to the floor at all times. Slide all the way out as far as you can before coming all the way back up to do the kick. The straight leg is facing in front! Do not arch or round your back!
Prep for Swimmer on Elbows10xKeep your back straight at all times. Start by actively opening the legs into your widest straddle. Lower down with control. Make sure not to move the hips past the middle split line when you are on your elbows. On the way back start by anteriorly tilting your hips. Close your legs in between each rep.
Middle Split with 1 Knee Bent45sec each sideStraight knee fully locked to protect from injuries. Both knees and hips on 1 line. Upper body straight and parallel to floor.
Butterfly on Back1x6Hips and shoulders stay squared. Feet stay close to the floor.

Elastic Shoulder pRehab

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Elastics - Front Flies in 5 Angles1x8-12 each
Elastics - Back Flies in 5 Angles1x8-12 each
Elastics - Outward External Rotations2x8 each side alternating
Elastics - Upward External Rotations2x8 each side alternating

Hamstring Adducteur Rehab

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Front Lunges Stationary1set, 10reps each leg
Hamstring Bridges with Elevated Feet1set, 10reps
Sitting Hamstring Curls with Elastic10reps each side
Doorway Hamstring Rehab Stretch1min each leg
Standing Leg Closers with Elastic2sets, 15reps each leg
Bottom Leg Raises on Side2sets, 15reps each side
Laying Knee Squeezes2sets, 15reps

You made it!

You’ve reached the end of this workout. Go use your legs and get food, a drink or whatever else gives you joy! 

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With all wrist warm ups there is no specific number I want you to do, just do them until your wrists are fully warmed up. Generally better take more time to warm up instead of less. Pick the exercises that feel the best for your wrists, and if you already have a wrist warm-up routine, just go with that one.

Exercise 1 - Place palm of hand on the floor in various positions and angles (e.g. fingers facing your knees, fingers pointing to the outside, etc) while you load weight on to your arms gently

Exercise 2 - Place one hand on top of the other and only move your arm around (from straight to bend, imagine you are drawing circles with your elbow)

Exercise 3 - Place back of hands on ground and gently load weight on to your arms. Move around from side to side, front and back to stretch them out a bit.

Extend your arms in front of you and open/close your hands. Work on extending your fingers fully.

Start with your hand open facing towards the ceiling in extension. Now bring the tip of all 5 fingers together and and flex your wrist.

Put hands together in front you in a prayer position. Move hands downwards and elbows out to introduce a stretch. Go through these until wrists feel warm and ready