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Looking more solid every week. Truly beautiful! Well done!

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Miami Side Bends

Vertical Walks

Miami Outside Hold on 2 Blocks – Straddle straight straddle

Single Leg Isolation Tuck To Parallel

One Arm Taps

Stalder Push Ups with Bent Knees

Partial Chest to Wall Stalder Press

Tuck to Straddle Planche

Pike Press Prep

Sitting 1 Legged Hamstring Stretch 

Middle Split

Middle Split Slides

Middle Split with 1 Knee Bent & Straight Upper Body, Foot elevated on yoga block

Prep for Swimmer on Elbows from 3 Yoga Blocks

Half Frog to Middle Split on Back with Elastic


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How does it work?

In the menu on the side you find your handstand workout, a planche/press conditioning routine and a flex routine. Train handstands and stretch up to 6 days a week. Do the conditioning workout twice a week. If you have extra energy you can even do it 3 times!


Please film and upload your videos on Mondays so I can do your feedbacks on Tuesdays

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✓ Month 1: €450 – done
✓ Month 2: 545usd due 4 weeks from starting date
✓ Month 3: 545usd due 8 weeks from starting date

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