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To Film this Week:

  • L Handstand Taps – Hands close to the Wall
  • Slide Away to Straddle
  • Lateral Leg Isolation from Straight
  • Vertical Isolation from Straight
  • Straight to Straddle
  • Box Tuck Leg Isolations
  • Chest To Wall Press – Negative
  • Bench Zombie to Slow Lower


  • Cobra with bent knees against the wall
  • Shoulder Stretch in Knees
  • Cobra with Straight Knees
  • Knee Bridge Wall Walks
  • Klaritas Morning Stretch
  • Half Split Reps
  • Runners Stretch Slides
  • Half Split Back Knee Straight
  • Front Split Back Knee Bent
  • Front Split Reps

How does it work?

Time to get training. You have your handstand and your flexibility workout linked in the menu.

Your feedback is up every Tuesday. Make sure to film and upload your videos on Monday! If that really does not work for you reach out and we will find a different day!

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