Moving way beyond the solid one arm


Let's get started!


Looking good looking good! The new house is clearly doing you some good! 

I added the elastic one arm to your program! Swap out the assisted one arms for those. It is a bit harder and will keep you busy 😉

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How does it work?

Schedule your sessions to fit well into your schedule. If you need more guidance just hit me up on IG and we can discuss what would work well 😉 

  • Do the handstand program 5 – 6x/week
  • Do the Mexican program 2x/week
  • For questions, feedback and anything else, write me on IG 🙂

Ongoing process:

  • Each beginning of the month you’ll receive a list of Exercises to film
  • Film & Upload until each agreed date to this folder
  • Receive feedback on videos  & program changes within the following 1-3 days; find it here 

Your Info

You are currently in Month 1

Start: July
End Date: Jan


✓ Month 1-6: $1200 – done

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