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there is a lot of good stuff. Well done! Details matter. A lot. Again. The goal is not just to make it through the demanded sets and reps but to do it as clean as possible!

Now speedy and full recovery and then lets get back at it !!

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Let me know if you have any questions. 
Happy training and happy grinding.

To Film this Week:


  • Elastic Side Bends | Miami on right
    Elastic Tuck Side Bends | Elastic on Right
  • Lateral Walks
    Vertical Walks
  • Elastic Straight Straddle Straight Left & Right
  • Miami Outside Hold on 2 Blocks – Straddle Straight Straddle Right
  • Assisted One Arm Handstand Single Leg Tuck


  • Runners Stretch
    Half Split Back Knee Bent against the Wall
    Half Split Reps
    Front Split on FLoor
  • Front Split Back Knee Bent against Wall and Elbows on Chairs
    Front Split Reps with Front Foot Elevated
    Front Split Push Ups with Elevated Foot

How does it work?

I wrote 2 different workouts. Rotate them. 1 has more planch work. The other more one arm handstand conditioning. Ideally you will do the front split work before!

Please film and send your videos every second Monday starting Feb 15 so I can do your feedback on Tuesdays. If that is very inconvenient for you we can also swap it to another day!

My number is +1 213 425 7858

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