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Hey man,

Not terrible at all. You continue to get stronger and more stable. Well done! Let’s focus on the harder stuff more 😉

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If you have any questions reach out at any time!

To Film this Week:

  • Deep Side Bends – Wall
  • Miami Slide Away
  • 2on2 Slide Away
  • Vertical Leg Isolations From Straight
  • Straight Tuck Straight
  • Straight Single Leg Isolation Negatives
  • Take offs at Wall from 1 Block
  • Bench Zombie to Slow Lower
  • Tuck Planch Hold
  • Tuck Planche Pulls


  • Walking Pike
  • Runners Stretch
  • Side Runners Stretch
  • Laying 1 Legged Pancake Stretch
  • Runners Stretch Slides
  • Half Middle Split
  • Pancake Sit Ups
  • Middle Split with Both Knees Bent
  • Middle Split on Floor
  • Frog to Middle Split

How does it work?

Time to start training. Train handstands up to 5 times a week and and try to stretch at least 3 times. Warm up well and stay warm during training but most importantly have fun!


Please film and upload your videos Thursdays so I can do your feedback on Fridays. If that is very inconvenient for you we can also swap it to another day!

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✓ Month 1-3: 1200 € done

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